The Sound of Sweet Dreams: Discover the Surprising Effective Sounds

The Sound of Sweet Dreams: Discover the Surprising Effective Sounds

Discover the Surprising Sounds That Will Help Your Baby Sleep Soundly

Is it another sleepless night in your home with your new baby? Before you lose another minute of precious sleep, you should find out about the magical sound that could be the key in getting your little one to sleep soundly each night. Believe it or not, babies are comforted by noises. All those old TV shows and movies where they shushed each other because the baby was sleeping had it all wrong!  Of course, banging on pots and pans isn’t going to comfort anyone. But the right sounds can get your baby to sleep straight away, allowing you and everyone else in your home to get the sleep you need too.

Effective Sounds That Can Help Baby Sleep

Which sounds work for getting baby to sleep? The most magical one might just surprise you!

White Noise

If you live in a noisy environment or you want to get things done while your baby sleeps, white noise can be quite helpful. It blocks out traffic sounds and other hubbub around your home. In one study, 80% of the participating newborns were able to fall asleep after just five minutes of listening to white noise. 

While that’s wonderful, white noise doesn’t work on every baby. That’s why it helps to have other sleep-inducing sounds ready so your baby will fall asleep. 

Womb and Heartbeat Sounds

That tender newborn phase is a tough one to navigate because your baby isn’t used to silence. From inside your womb, your baby heard your heartbeat, a constant beacon that you were there. She also heard all the other sounds of your body from blood flowing to organs doing what they do to keep you functioning. 

On the outside, it’s too quiet. Simply putting out the light and closing the door to leave her in silence won’t bode well. Womb and heartbeat sounds help strengthen your bond with your baby. These sounds also improve brain growth, especially in the area that helps babies hear. 

The Most Magical Sound of All

Do you want to know which sound will help your baby sleep best of all? It’s a sound so magically musical that every baby is comforted by hearing it. That sound is your own voice.

For your baby, hearing your voice (and their dad’s too!) was comforting while they were growing inside of you. They got to know you well whether you were speaking to your growing belly directly or having conversations with others around you.

That voice of yours is pure gold for your baby and the best way to get your child to calm down and fall asleep. Studies have found that babies hearing their mum’s voice are so comforted that it keeps them from waking up even when loud noises pop up randomly. 


How to Use Your Own Voice to Get Baby to Sleep

You could sing, tell a story, make shushing sounds, or simply just rattle out what’s on your grocery list. Your baby will be delighted and calmed by your voice. However, that gets exhausting, all that talking and narrating. You need a break too, you know. Fortunately, there’s a way to keep talking, singing, or shushing all night long without you having to lose another wink of that precious sleep. Our clever device called Lulo which has a setting to record your own voice. With the cuddly body of a friendly koala, Lulo can play baby music by day and let you record any sound to play back at night on a continuous loop. 

You can choose smoothing white noise, calming heartbeat and relaxing ocean sounds, read a story, sing a song, make shushing sounds or whatever you like. There are no radio frequencies either so it’s completely safe. Plus, it also provides a spectrum of rainbow colours to set the right mood for play or sleep as needed. 


Dads can use it too, making it a great way for everyone to use their magical sounds to soothe that baby to sleep. Since this cute koala-shaped device sheds light on sleep troubles and soothes babies with a variety of sounds that
won’t damage hearing, it’s one of the best tools in your fight for sleep in your household.

Plus, Lulo is cuddly and soft for their gums… yes your baby will put everything on their mouth, and when your baby gets bigger, she/he can give him a squeeze. It can be cleaned in the dishwasher or wiped clean too, making it easy to care for. 


And before you worry about how many batteries you’ll have to run through to keep your magical voice going on repeat, you can relax with Lulo. It’s USB rechargeable so you won’t ever need to fumble for replacement batteries in the witching hour or worse, have to find an open store where you can buy them while running on no sleep.

Lulo is the revolutionary device every parent needs for all those stages from newborn to baby to toddler. What makes it so great is that you can customise it with your own voice without harmful radio waves and keep the decibel level appropriate for those little ears. While there are other devices out there, there’s only one Lulo, the magical way to create a routine for day and night that helps you and your baby fall back into proper circadian rhythm. 


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We understand how hard it is to be sleep deprived, how much you want to fully enjoy being a parent without feeling like a zombie in pain giving your all to your little one. We are here to help and Get Your Sleep Back 🛌 !!

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