Dear parents, caregivers, friends and families,

You deserve a break!

As a mother of three, I know first-hand how challenging and exhausting this time can be. You’re sleep deprived, you’re stressed, you’re working out how to make your way through this unknown territory.

And whether it’s your first baby or your sixth, this precious time is undoubtedly challenging.

Lulo has been designed with calming functions that you can count on, with clever, intuitive and personal solutions to help you settle your beautiful baby with Lulo by side.

I hope you take some time for you, so you can continue excelling at this beautiful, invaluable role you’re playing in your baby’s life.

Marcy, Founder

Who we are

Parents of three children living in Bondi

Designing solutions for parents

Supporting kids in poverty

Reducing Waste

Australian Owned & Operated

Why we created Kalm?
Like many parents around the world, we too had to face your challenges. KALM is an innovative company that research and develop parental devices that are effective and cost efficient. We created Lulo to change the life of young children's parents by getting their sleep back!