Happy Customers

"I'm 1st time mum and my baby is only 3 months and I was really struggling to get my baby to sleep on his cot, each time i was trying to leave the room he would wake up and I was gave up bringing him in bed. The recording function is what has helped me the most, I just stay there a little bit paddling him then I leave and I can finally rest while he naps, fingers crossed it continues the same!!"

Charlotte, Australia

"We have been using Lulo with our son since he was 5 months old and have been using it every day for all his sleeps and and night. He is now 10 months old and has bonded so well to Lulo.
We love the 3 pre programmed white noise and the fact you can record your own (so nice to not have to constantly repeat lullaby’s 😂). It’s so easy to keep clean and being able to detach The different colours makes it fun and exciting. Great little night light for this late night feeds for a quick activated light. 
All in all we love Lulo here and are so happy to have Lulo playing to block out all those unwanted noises."

Karina N., Australia

"Thank you so much!! We are really loving him and using it every night! It’s our sleeping routine."

Kate, Australia

"Well first off James LOVES! Lulo when he wakes up and I go turn it off he reaches up for it and gets excited when I fix it to him. He loves playing with it. We love how soft and easy to clean the material is and seems very durable."

Diana F., Australia

"Josh really like Lulo a lot & falls asleep looking at him listening to his fav song. I really like the options for the sounds and the options for the different colours, and the shape and softness of Lulo"

Ashley, Australia

"Nate sleeps so well. Every time I go to turn Lulo off I have to give it to him for a cuddle and a play. The fact that I can put Lulo in the dishwasher (without the base) makes me feel sooo much better as it gets fully clean!!."

Carly M., Australia

"My daughter has been loving Lulo. Every time I go to turn it off I have to give it to her for a cuddle and a play"

Kelly, Australia

He knows once we turn Lulo on and he hears the white noise, it’s time to get ready for sleep. Once he wakes up he is cited to go and grab Lulo for a play too and as a nappy change buddy. Lulo from the base for a bath in the washing machine is great seeing as our little man loves carrying Lulo around in his mouth.


Finally some sleep!

"Pairing this koala with the home routine and our lives changed dramatically. Instead of 30 min to an hour of rocking, shushing etc, we turn on this little koala & he’s out in 5-10 min! We only use the dim light, my baby is still too little and he get very distracted by the changing lights"

Kiara, Australia

Drives are no longer stressful

"Our daughter was very fussy every time we went for a drive, it was very stressful. We use the koala in the car and she falls asleep holding it. Changed our drives completely!! We use the white noise for his naps & the heartbeat for night bedtime."

Vanessa R, Australia

So cute & works

"I love the changing colours, sounds, softness and last through out the night and not too bright!. Needs charging daily! Great device!."

Mariah, Australia

My bf is thanking me forever

"I bought this device for my bf and she adores him and says it's perfect. She brings the koala to visit us when it’s Gaby’s nap time. And we can some time for the two of us. We played around with the recording function and it's so much fun too"

Rachel, Australia

A must have if sharing rooms

"My babies love their Lulo! We bought one for our little girl and had to buy another one for our toddler. They started to share rooms and once the little one is asleep, then our son comes inside the room and must have his Lulo with the light on, he knows if he taps then it will change colours.''

Susie, Australia

Recommended 100%

"This item was perfect for my almost 2 year old son who has trouble falling asleep. He was waking up scared and coming into our bed... until we got the koala, he has no issues sleeping in his room. Plus it's super cute. I can't wait to use it for my newborn in the upcoming months. I definitely recommend it."

Ingrid, Australia

Great product

"Great product!!! Durable and easy to wash. If you want to soothe your baby to sleep this is a sure win! I love that it's so portable, no cables and free of bad waves for my child."

Cheryl H, Australia

It’s so great!

"We love the lights on it, especially because he’s in his own room now and we don’t have a lamp in there so it’s great for changing his nappy in the middle of the night, the best for his night routine and we love taking it with us on walks and stuff as a portable white noise machine. So I no longer need 2 white noise machines, I am giving away the other one I received as a gift"

Jacqui, Australia

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