Introducing Lulo

Introducing Lulo

Dear parents, caregivers, friends, and families,

You deserve a break!

As a mother of three, I know first-hand how hard this time can be. You’re sleep deprived, you’re stressed, you’re feeling hungover every morning (without the fun night before), you’re working out how to make your way through this unknown territory. And whether it’s your first baby or your sixth, this precious time is undoubtedly challenging.

So, I am absolutely delighted that you’ve decided to introduce Lulo the Koala into your home, because I know just how life-changing this little device can be. In fact, it’s exactly why I created Lulo!

I spent days, weeks and months desperately trying to calm my babies. I would pace back and forth, shushing my babies until they finally entered a restful sleep. I would exhaust myself shushing and cuddling as they screamed getting into their car seats. Recovering from a c-section and desperately tired, it was an endless and relentless cycle!

I knew that what worked best for my babies was me. It was my own calm, loving and familiar voice they needed to get themselves to sleep or to calm down. So, I started to record my own secret weapon – my voice – to play back to my babies when they needed it. Et voila – it worked! Within minutes, my babies were calm. I soon realised it wasn’t just me experiencing this challenge. It was parents and carers world-over. So, enter Lulo!

Lulo has been designed with calming functions that you can count on, day after day, and night after night. It’s the clever, intuitive and personal way to settle your beautiful baby, without requiring you to never leave their side.

As you’ll discover, Lulo allows you to record your voice, which you can then play back on a loop to help your baby (and you) when you need it the most. Alternatively, if baby favours the white noise of a vacuum, your exhaust fan or washing machine, you can record those for a customised, personal experience. They’re your baby’s favourite, most familiar sounds, and now, they can play whenever your baby needs some extra settling (without radio frequency or radiation exposure). We’ve also incorporated three inbuilt white noise options, which have been proven to calm babies.

Lulo also features a range of lighting options, so you can set a night-light with a calming colour that will become part of your child’s sleep routine. Restful, peaceful nights for years to come? That’s exactly what Lulo will provide. The fact that Lulo is huggable and loveable too? Well, that’s just a bonus.

From my family to yours, I hope you and your little one love your Lulo. We’re a proud Australian family-owned business and are dedicated to providing families all over the world with a simple solution to calm their babies.

With Lulo by your calm baby’s side, I hope you take some time for you (may I suggest a cup of something delicious?), so you can continue excelling at this beautiful, invaluable role you’re playing in your baby’s life.

With love,

Founder, Kalm Baby
Learn more about Lulo and how to calm your baby wherever you go, and plenty of mum tips at

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We understand how hard it is to be sleep deprived, how much you want to fully enjoy being a parent without feeling like a zombie in pain giving your all to your little one. We are here to help and Get Your Sleep Back 🛌 !!

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